Spring into Action: Essential Termite Inspection Tips for Homeowners

March 18, 2024

Spring into Action: Essential Termite Inspection Tips for Homeowners

Owning a home is often considered the most significant investment you will ever make in your lifetime. A home provides shelter and also serves as a valuable asset that can appreciate over time. So, taking care of your home is essential, especially if it is susceptible to termite infestations.

Termites are silent destroyers and can wreak havoc on your home when left unchecked. However, with some vigilance and the right knowledge, you can keep these pests at bay. This provides you with essential tips on termite inspection, as revealed by our termite experts.

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Why Do You Need a Termite Inspection in Spring?

Termites are relentless chewers, targeting the very foundation and structure of your home. If left unchecked, they can cause serious damage, leading to costly repairs and even compromising the integrity of your home. Detecting these pests early can save you from major headaches down the line.

Spring is prime time for spotting termite infestations, as these pests venture out of their nests in search of food. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep a close watch for tiny tunnels or mud on your walls. These can be early signs of a termite problem.

Springtime is the swarming season for termites

This is a season when mature termites with wings will establish new colonies. If you spot swarmers around your property, this could be a strong indication of a termite infestation.

Increased activity

The temperature will get warmer during springtime, and the moisture from spring rains will also create an ideal atmosphere for the termites to become active. This is why early detection of their presence during this time is essential to avoid significant damage.

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What Homeowners Can Do For Termite Inspection?

Regular professional inspection is recommended if you live in a high-termite activity zone. However, there are certain steps you can take for prevention and to be active.

Visual inspection

Mud tubes

Regularly check your foundation, crawl space, and exterior walls for mud tubes. This is because termites use mud tubes to travel between their nest and the outside.

Discarded wings

You should also be on the lookout for discarded wings. During the swarming season, termites will reproduce, and they usually shed their wings during this time. Finding termite wings on the windowsill, floors, and other surfaces of your home is a strong indication of termite presence.

Sagging and hollow wood

Sagging floors, warped door frames, and hollow-sounding wood are also strong indicators of termite infestation. Termites eat wood from the inside out, and they release moisture as they eat. This causes the wood to sag or emit a hollow sound when tapped. Due to the presence of moisture, the wood can also appear to blister.

Holes on the walls

Do you have tiny holes in the wall surfaces? Well, this can be another sign of termite infestation, as termites use these holes to travel in and out of their nest.

Crumbling wood

If you spot any piece of crumbling wood, pay more attention. Termite damage will cause any exposed wood to crumble.

Moisture control

Address any leaks or moisture problems around your foundation, as termites thrive in damp environments. Hence, eliminating excess moisture will help you keep termites at bay.

Seal gaps

If there are any gaps or cracks in your foundation, seal them immediately with caulk or mortar. This will prevent any termites from entering.

Limit wood-to-soil contact

Although not easy to implement, you should try reducing wood-to-soil contact around your foundation and surroundings. Think firewood piles, mulch, and landscaping timbers.

Professional termite inspections

When you notice the signs of a termite infestation mentioned above, it’s best to call in professionals for help. They have the expertise to identify different termite species, locate hidden termite locations, and recommend the most effective treatment plan. Professionals also use the best tools and specialized equipment to detect moisture and utilize thermal imaging cameras to uncover hidden termite activity.

These professionals will assist you in finding the best solution to eliminate the infestation. They’ll help you choose the best treatment plan from a range of options, including termite baiting systems, liquid treatments, and fumigation, depending on the severity of the infestation. Their expertise will help keep your home protected and safe, giving you peace of mind.

A qualified pest control professional can assess your specific situation and also discuss preventative measures to minimize the risk of future infestation. They will also provide:

Treatment Cost

Prices can vary depending on the size of your home, the severity of the infestation, and the chosen treatment method.


Many reputable companies offer guarantees on their termite control services.

Ongoing Monitoring

Even after treatment, it’s crucial to maintain a regular inspection schedule to detect any potential future activity.

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Which Termite Treatment Plans To Choose?

There are several termite treatment options that you can choose from. However, the treatment you choose usually depends on the severity of the termite infestation. These plans are:


This is a method where a station is set up to contain bait that attracts termites. The termites will slowly feed on the bait and carry it to their colony, which will eventually kill them and their queen.

This option is environmentally friendly and causes minimal disruption to your property. It is effective for ongoing monitoring and control, particularly for subterranean termites. The only drawback is it is not suitable for all termite infestations, and it is slower acting than many liquid treatments.

Liquid termite treatments

This treatment involves a barrier of termiticide to be applied around the soil and foundation of the home. This creates a protective barrier that kills any termite that comes into contact with the solution.

This method is extremely effective in the long term in preventing and eliminating any existing infestation, offering protection for several years. The only drawback is that it may require drilling or trenching around the foundation, which may cause minor cosmetic disruptions.


This method is used to treat severe termite infestation, where the home is sealed and filled with fuming gas. This gas will penetrate deep into your home structure and eliminate termites in all stages of life.

This is the most effective method to eliminate widespread infestations, including those hidden within walls and furniture. The main drawback of this method is that it requires temporary evacuation of your home for several days. It also requires preparation of covering furniture around the home and removing your pets.

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Choosing the Right Termite Infestation Treatment Plan

The best termite treatment option for your home will depend on several factors, these are:

  • Severity of the infestation: The extent of the termite infestation and the damage present will influence the treatment approach.
  • Type of termite: Some specific termite species will respond better to specific treatments.
  • Your preferences: Consider factors like your budget, environmental concerns, and the level of disruption that you can manage.

Spring Into Action with Esparza Pest Control

Termite inspection isn’t just a good idea—it’s a must for Texas homeowners. By following the tips mentioned above, you can stay on top of regular inspections and handle infestations effectively.

With scheduled termite inspections and the right professionals by your side, you can keep your home’s structural integrity and value intact without breaking the bank. To learn more and to schedule a termite inspection, contact us today

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